[Marxism] RE: A Joint for Jose to Spark the Imagination

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 6 01:47:46 MST 2004

What Jose doesn't get, is that Mexico is not just any Third World country, 
but rather happens to be the Third World country that borders the US and has 
some 100,000, 000 inhabitants within Mexico, and millions more inside the US 
itself.     So Jose's prattle about how I don't get it about the US being 
imperialist and Mexico the victim of imperialism and so forth is just pure 
flame throwing nonsense.    I certainly do, Comandante Jose, but I also 
understand that Mexico and the US, by force of intimate and close contact, 
have made Mexico into not just any Third World 'victim' of US imperalism.    
The relationship betwen the US and Mexico is considerably different than the 
relationship that the US has with any other Third World country on the 
planet.    Do you mind if I say that, Subcommandante?

Jose objects to my use of US analogies to help try to explain some basic 
things about the current Mexican poltical situation by pulling up this crap 
about how politics in imperialist countries is supposedly completely without 
parallels or relevance to the politics of Mexico.     But that's just 
stupid, Jose.      There are plenty of parallels and similarities.

Jose Thought... <<The analogy between political alignments in the Third 
World and those in
the imperialist countries are not just inexact; they are wrong at a
bedrock, fundamental level. It leaves imperialism out of the analysis or
relegates it at best to some secondary level.>>

I talk about how the Mexican elites have tried to model their post One Party 
Dictatorship of the PRI  into evolving into something more like the US Two 
Party Corporate Dictatorship.    So why drag into replying to my comments 
such drivel that I don't understand imperialism, for crying out loud?     
The Mexican family that is PRIista is much like the US family that votes DP, 
and the PAN people are much like those Christian Rightists that in the US 
always gravitate toward the Republicans.    And if I point such basic stuff 
out here, the outraged and pedantic SubCommandante Jose shall lecture us on  
the meaning of imperialsim?!    Poof....... what poppycock.

Further, Jose... just like in the US, the Mexican elites don't want Left 
challengers to this Two Party setup.    And it has nothing to do with not 
understanding what imperialism is if I point such fundamentals out.    This 
is relatively new stuff in a way for Mexico, because until less than 4 years 
ago, Mexico was known as the world's longest running One Party Dictatorship. 
    Now it is an evolving Two Party setup modelled on the same in the US.    
And it is also an increasingly militarized Mexico, following in the shadows 
and footsteps of the increased militarization of US political life.

Sorry, Jose.   There is a reason I draw parallels between US and Mexican 
politics, and no amount of your rude blabber can really hide the fact of how 
interconected US politics and Mexican politics is becoming.       World 
socialists should be monitoring and observing these things, and US 
understanding of what's going on in Mexico has to draw upon parallels to 
similar allignments and happenings in the US.    How Mexican elites try to 
manipulate the PRI-PAN imagery can easily be understand in the shadow of how 
US elites have arranged such an idiotic presidential election where a Kerry 
and a Bush are conmsidered to be the only real alternatives.     The Mexican 
ruling class wants to create the same sort of totally delusional lineup for 
the Mexican masses.    And have been doing a pretty good job at pulling the 
wool over peoples eyes.

And similarly, when people like Michael Moore and Norman Soloman begin their 
common chant in the US about how people got to go vote DP, the Mexican 
elites hope to draw Leftists in Mexico to seeing the 'new' system there to 
be with similar constricted and limitted options, where the chant can become 
that people got to swallow their disgust, and vote PRI once again.    Oh, 

Tony Abdo
<<Tony Abdo attempted to analyze the PRI/PAN by doing all sorts of
analogies to U.S. politics.

I tried to point out the CENTRAL FACT about US and Mexican politics that
is important in an international context, namely, that the U.S. is an
imperialist country, and México and oppressed and exploited country, a
victim of imperialism.

Tony thinks this says something about what I do or don't know about
"Mexican politics." He didn't and doesn't get it.

So much for that.


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