[Marxism] Violence in Venezuela and Class Loyalty

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 6 04:58:12 MST 2004

Milos Alcalay, the Ambassador from Venezuela to the United Nations very
recently resigned.  Reasons Alcalay cited included the violence of the
Chavez regime, that government's human rights violations and threats to
democracy.  The Ambassador claimed: "We've seen army and police
repression, unacceptable loss of life, disappearance of political
leaders and there have been allegations of torture
I cannot remain
indifferent before the sad events in my country, the loss of many lives
and the outcry of the Venezuelan people whose political and civil rights
are under threat." [1]

This diplomat served in the Venezuelan foreign service for three decades
and now decided it was too much; he had come to a threshold.  Alcalay
felt that signature verification in the referendum process was going too
far.  He also faulted President Chavez for criticizing the U.S. embargo
against Cuba while imposing sanctions on the Dominican Republic (N.B.!)
for harboring Venezuela's former president, Carlos Andres Perez. [2]

Alcalay ably served Carlos Andres Perez through two terms. 
Corruption-convicted Perez was impeached and removed from office in 1993
on multi-million dollar corruption charges [3].  Chavez wants to make
sure that some questionable signatures are bona fide.  Perez is wanted
for embezzlement in Venezuela.  He organized, coordinated and financed
two military revolts against Chavez.  In a published interview, Perez
actually called for a two-year civilian-military dictatorship. [4]

Alcaly shows his class loyalty not only through his concern for his
former, fired President over the current Head of State, but in his worry
over how some fare--but not others.  The signature process is
orchestrated by bourgeois opponents to Chavez.  Meanwhile, reactionary
bourgeois forces murdered leftists workers and peasants wholesale but
one heard not a sigh of unease from the diplomat Alcaly.[5]  We can only
hope he quit before he was fired.


1.  Edith M. Lederer.  "Venezuela's U.N. Ambassador Resigns." 
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5.  Hector Mondragon.  "Colombia Today: The future of Latin America is
being decided."  Z-Net, March 05, 2004.  [Excellent report from an
informal talk.]
"The overthrow of the regime in Haiti by paramilitary violence has just
happened, and they are turning without pause to Venezuela.  80 Peasant
leaders have been assassinated in Venezuela, and an AUV (Autodefensas
Unidas Venezolanas, a Venezuelan paramilitary group) has been formed
with help from Colombia's paramilitaries.  A doctor, Pedro Doria, who
was a socialist and an advisor to peasant movements in Venezuela, was
assassinated.  For demanding an investigation into Doria's death, his
father was also killed, on February 29.  Three unionists from the
Bolivarian movement were killed along with a member of a co-op, this

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