[Marxism] Re.: the "WMD" of Haiti occupation

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 6 11:55:42 MST 2004

The San Francisco Chronicle published Sach's essay, too.
But next to his they published a rather hysterical screed from a New
Republican hack.  
I dropped them a billet-doux:

Thanks for publishing the two Haiti/Aristide opinion pieces from Jeffrey
D. Sachs and Adam B. Kushner-on the same day, on the same page.  I put
their names in that order because that's how they appeared on the page:
Sachs in the left of center and Kushner on the right edge.  The two are
thus representative of their respective political positions as well. 
Interestingly, while both strove to take the moral high ground, Sachs
used more quantitative analysis in his argument while Kushner simply
issued impassioned charges of relatively low quality, i.e., no cited
specifics, etc.  Readers may recognize that the qualitative contrast in
their work generally characterizes their ideological differences, as
well.  In that event, simply by providing balanced opinions, you'll have
done the public a great service.
Chris Brady

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