[Marxism] Francisco Aruca interview with Ira Kurzban

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 6 13:34:30 MST 2004

(An amazing interview with Ira Kurzban, the 
attorney for the Haitian government and its
democratically-elected president. One of the
more interesting comments Aruca makes is
that Aristede is quite likely NOT being kept
in the Central African Republic voluntarily,
and that the US government would not be at
all pleased with the prospect of those photos
or the television coverage should Aristide be
greeted at the airport by Nelson Mandela in
South Africa. Do listen to the whole interview.

(From Radio Progreso in Miami. Listen to it via
www.rprogreso.com in Real Audio Listen to it:
via: http://makeashorterlink.com/?X45522C97 )

An interview with Ira Kurzban
By Francisco Aruca

On Sunday, February 29, democratically elected President of
Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide resigned from his post
apparently yielding to a popular rebellion.

The following interview with Ira Kurzban, President
Aristide's lawyer in the United States, was broadcast
Tuesday, March 2, by Francisco Aruca, director and host of
Radio Progreso Alternativa, in his program Babel's Guide.
In the interview, Mr. Kurzban tells a different story.
Because of its importance we reproduce an edited version of
said interview.

Francisco Aruca (FA): Ira Kurzban, whom we have previously
interviewed for our program in relation to Haiti, was
President Jean Bertrand Aristide's lawyer in the United
States. That also means that he is one of the few people in
Miami who had constant and direct access to Haiti and to
President Aristide while these events were unfolding in
Haiti, while all this violence was taking place, until
finally the President had to leave. As a matter of fact, he
is probably the only person in Miami who spoke to President
Aristide over the phone a few hours before Aristide left


IRA: This was the ultimate squeeze play. This was really
putting a gun to Aristide's chest. The security company
said that they couldn't protect him any longer, that the
U.S. government had told them that they had to leave, and
that the extra people that were coming to support him had
been blocked by the U.S. government from coming to the
country. And finally the U.S. forced President Aristide on
a plane; previously they had told him that if he didn't
sign a letter of resignation they would allow him to be

This has been an unfortunate situation. I hope the
international community recognizes this for what it is - a
coup d'etat of a democratically elected president - and
that it tries to bring President Aristide back.

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