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Forward: Worker Communist Party of Iraq’s English Biweekly Newspaper  

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Highlights from the issue 30 of Forward:

Men and Women Must Be Equal in All Civil and Individual Rights
The Law of Equality of Women and Men in Iraq
Women in Iraq have never enjoyed equal rights with men since the establishment of the modern Iraqi state. The Iraqi Family Law (personal affairs law) enacted in the late 1950s has failed to officially recognize full gender equality.  As an outright violation of Iraqi women’s rights and freedoms, the Baath regime, especially during the last several years of its rule, had reversed some of the laws adopted in Iraq as the result of decades of relentless struggle by women. The changes made to the family law condoned polygamy and honour killings.
The Iraqi state is now being reestablished and its legal foundation and political and social systems are being redefined. As the organization which represents Iraqi women’s demands, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq poses its alternative to the Iraqi Family Law in practice for the past four decades and to the Islamic Sharia introduced by the Governing Council through its resolution 137 in January 2004. 
The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq seeks incorporation of the principle of full and unconditional equality between man and woman in the family and in running the family’s affairs. The OWFI struggles for immediate implementation of the law of gender equality all over Iraq.
Full Text:  http://www.wpiraq.org/english/2004/equalitylaw010304.htm
Interview with Samir Adil, the head of Executive Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq and Yanar Mohammad, the chairperson of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq on the preparations for 8 March, the International Women’s Day.
Alsheoiyia Alomalyia: How will you receive 8 March, the International Women’s Day this year?
Samir Adil: this is the first 8 March, the International Women’s Day after the collapse of the fascist Baath regime in Iraq. The history of Baath regime, which is full of enmity to women, and persistence on oppressing women and denying their rights, was well known to the entire world. Without oppression this regime would have not been able to define its Arab nationalist identity and force this identity on the society. The resolutions and laws passed by this regime like the resolution to “ turn workers to public servants” and to “ make the state slim” in 1987 in the wake of deep economic crisis, heavy debts and enormous human losses in the Iraq-Iran war without achieving significant results, forced women back to their homes. They also add thousands of workers to the unemployed army in Iraq. Women were first victims of these policies. 
Full Text: http://www.wpiraq.org/english/2004/interview010304.htm

Worker-communist Party of Iraq Condemns the American Civil Administration and Central Bank’s Joint Attack on Banking Sector Employees 
The Iraqi Central Bank management sent notices to state bank employees, requesting they pay huge sums to compensate for money, which disappeared during the period of replacing the Iraqi currency.  The state banking authorities hold these employees responsible for the missing money and the flow of counterfeit notes into the banks.  In recognition of these charges, security forces have arrested 17 women working at the Malaab branch of the al-Rashid Bank. 

Full Text:  http://www.wpiraq.org/english/2004/hizb010304.htm

The Governing Council Abolishes its Own Resolution 137
Congratulations to the Iraqi Women for Defeating the Governing Council’s Resolution 137
On February 27, 2004, after coming under immense pressure by women and freedom loving people within Iraq and abroad, the Governing Council cancelled its own Resolution 137, which was passed by the Council in December. Resolution 137 would have abolished the previous Personal Status Law-- governing family matters and implemented Islamic Sharia. It allowed each sect in Iraq to apply their own religious laws to family issues. 

Full Text:  http://www.wpiraq.org/english/2004/toma010304.htm

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