[Marxism] Request to Moderaor for change in policy towards Cuba

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Sun Mar 7 11:43:53 MST 2004

Years ago reading about the European landing in the Americas, I stumbled 
across a story dealing with the power of observation and comprehension.  As a 
couple of large vessels - ships, came closer and closer to the shore and fell in 
front of the horizon, many of the Native peoples simply did not see them and 
those that did could not comprehend their meaning. 

The medicine men had to line the people up along the shore and help them to 
focus their vision to see - observe, movement - the arriving vessels, and then 
attempt to give meaning to what this meant. Believing is also seeing.  

The historic economic and social power of first Wall Street imperialism and 
then American imperialism proper, extended through the defeated and colonized 
plantation South into the Western hemisphere. This historic relationship is the 
basis of the strength of American imperialism. 

If the Americans had never committed genocide against the Indians, if they 
had never incited wars of annihilation between the Native peoples of this land; 
if there had never been a Trail of Tears; if America had never organized and 
commercialized the kidnapping  and sale into slavery of a gentle and 
defenseless African peoples; if they had never developed the most widespread brutal, 
exploitative system of slavery the world has ever known; if it had never held 
carnivals of torture and lynching of its black people; if it had never fractured 
and torn and ground Mexico into the dust; if it had never attacked gallant, 
defenseless Puerto Rico and never turned that lovely land into a cesspool to 
compete with the cesspool it created in Panama; if it had never bled Latin 
America of its wealth and had never cast her exhausted people onto the dung heap of 
disease and ignorance and starvation; if it had never financed and braced the 
fascist dictatorships; if it had never pushed Hiroshima and Nagasaki into the 
jaws of hell - if America had never done any of these things, history would 
still hold create a special bar of judgment for what the American people did in 
the Philippines. 

During 1899 and 1900, one hundred thousand U.S., mainly Southern white, 
soldiers invaded the Philippines. They slaughtered well over a million Filipinos, 
while crushing their fight for freedom. Many black troops, brutalized by these 
same Southern soldiers went right along with them. 

The Philippine people would not surrender and in 1914 black troops were sent 
in to crush the Moro rebellion. This time the black soldiers refused to fight 
and joined the rebellion. During this period many black soldiers were executed 
for desertion and at least 15 white soldiers had the death sentence commuted 
to life imprisonment. 

Today, we have entered a new era of proletarian revolution. 

The communists and those espousing Marxism need to look at the horizon and 
halt all criticism of the people of Cuba and their revolutionary government. The 
Cuban government and people are peace loving and have never asked for 
anything other than the right to partake in world trade to improve the standard of 
living of Island. The communists and those espousing Marxism need to unravel the 
social process and leave of the comfort of ideological categories of the 

The suppression of the communist class in Haiti and the removal of one of its 
abolitionist leaders - Aristile, is taking place at a moment when the Bush 
administration has increased military aid to the Philippines from $1.9 to a 
whopping $400 million. If I know what they did in the Philippines, it stands to 
reason that the bourgeoisie knows the curve of history. Our militant bourgeoisie 
is behaving as if it is fighting its last death fight because it is. We 
cannot look outside our windows and see the social process. That is why we are 

The people of our country do not know the social process because they do not 
- yet, know how to see. The revolutionaries, abolitionists, communists and 
Marxists know how to see, but still comprehend the social process on the basis of 
the last ideological and political period of time. 

There is no basis for communists and Marxists to advocate support for the 
Democratic Party in the upcoming Presidential election. Jesse Jackson's "third 
Party" bids completed this process. The Reverend Al Sharpton got less than one 
million votes because the vision he put forward did not inspire our class. 

History itself, as expressed in social classes, people and even individuals 
who express the strivings of classes, has entered a period of antagonism. 
Sectarian differences between Bush W. and Kerry are not political antagonism. There 
is "antagonism" and "antagonism." 

During the era of Soviet Power one spoke of the political antagonism between 
bourgeois property and public property relations in the world wide industrial 
infrastructure. There was no economic antagonism because of the "identity" 
inherent to all industrial systems of production - value producing systems. 

To a significant degree the development of the industrial system in the 
Soviet Union was accelerated - if not based, on the technological import from the 
advanced industrial countries. The Soviet Power was tied to capitalism - the 
industrial system as a value producing system and bourgeois property, by a 
thousands threads. What emerged was a political antagonism based on different 
property forms. 

The Soviet Power lasted a very long time - roughly two generations.  All of 
the prominent personalities of the Soviet Revolution were very surprised that 
they lasted five years much less seventy one. If we look at the horizon - in 
the sense of the evolution of bourgeois property and the final stage in the 
development of the commodity form - the dialectic unravels itself. 

Comrades spend too much time trying to "apply dialectics" to the social 
process, instead of unraveling the social process with their power of observation: 
then the dialectic unravels itself for all to see. We cannot behave as if we 
are entering the stream of history in 1863, when we have inherited the legacy 
of Marx and totality based on the inner connection of social processes. 

The rebellion of the weavers and tailors in Lyon in 1863 was of great 
importance. The workers held the city for three days before they were all 
slaughtered. It was the first assertion of proletarian revolution within a definable 
quantitative boundary of the evolution of capital - bourgeois property. This 
ideologically led straight to the Paris Commune of 1871 and on to the Soviet 
Revolution of 1917. From roughly three days to seventy one days to seventy one 
The revolutionary advance or the dialectic of the leap - transition, is 
obvious and needs no "advance critical thinking" to contemplate. 

We are at the mouth - the beginning of the beginning, of the social process 
that wipes bourgeois property from the face of the earth. World revolution 
could not and did not break out and can only break out when the world is ready for 
it. The world becomes ready for communism on the basis of changes in the 
material power of production and not "correct programs" and ideological 

Social revolution is breaking out in the Western Hemisphere and not some 
backwards country lingering under old feudal social forms. Cuban doctors are 
risking their lives in Haiti and playing their body in the front line of struggle 
by the assault troops of imperialism - to give service to a poor, starving and 
aids inflicted people. 

The sons and daughter of Cuban are answering a higher calling in life. They 
are responding to the call of a "higher power" - infinitely higher than that of 
money, greed and selfishness. 

I am asking of the moderator to place a temporary "gap order" on all 
criticism of the people of Cuba and their government while they answer the call to 
help their brother and sisters in poverty and destitution. This means that those 
who insist on such criticism - after warning, are un-subscribed, and remain 
un-subscribed until they adjust their attitude and adhere to the needs of the 

Melvin P. 


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