[Marxism] Request to Moderaor for change in policy towards Cuba

Red Net dwalters at igc.org
Sun Mar 7 12:10:55 MST 2004

The very questionable 'communist class' notwithstanding, the idea that 
the Moderator "halt all criticism of Cuba and it's Revolutionary gov't" 
is neither necessary nor germane to anything on this list.

The Cubans themselves have never even implied that criticism is 
something they can't deal with, nor has anyone here really criticized 
the Cubans over anything serious except nuanced tactical positions.

NOTHING anyone says on this list will effect the 550 internationalist 
medical personnel in Haiti or the several thousand medical and 
educational personnel in Venezuela.

It seems the Cubans are far more open about criticism than some people 
here on this list. I can imagine the reaction inside the Communist 
movement had someone leveled the same request (and implicit criticism) 
at the feet of Rosa Luxemburg some of whose sharpest criticism of Lenin 
and Trotsky were leveled at them after the Civil War started...


David Walters

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