[Marxism] The Passion: Did Mel Gibson Read Aleksander Wat's ?

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Sun Mar 7 12:28:23 MST 2004

Did Mel Gibson read Aleksander Wat's "Lucifer Unemployed"?.
In 1927 a Ploish writer called Aleksander Wat wrote a little interesting book with the Polish title  "Bezrobotny Lucyfer". This little book has gone through many reprints. The latest is by Northwestern University Press (1990). In that book under the chapter  "The Eternally Wandering Jew", Aleksander Wat published Nathan the Jew's lengthy letter which, if the answer to my question is yes, might have empowered Mel Gibson to be the passion maker of the 21st century.
An excerpt of Nathan's letter (pp. 11 - 12; italics in original):
"Theferore, Jew must, first of all. accept Catholicism en mass. Impossible? I would answer - certum quia impossible. The time has come for us to revise our attitude toward Christainity. How many young Jews have I seen, burning with adoration for the Savior, striking their foreheads against cold church marbels! How many of them have I seen feverish from a strange concoction of Zionism, Catholicism, and Communism. Millions of eastern Jews shake off the cadaverous incomprehensibility of rabbinity in mysticism, that mutation of souls. The kabbalah has prepared them for the unity of the Trinity. Their amor dei intellectualis allows them to recognize themselves in the world church of the fisherman Simon Peter, in the church of John, whose logos is of the Alexandrian Jew Philo. Let us not deceive ourselves: Christ has long ceased being the difference between us. The Eternally Wandering Jew wants to rest. He will find death under the cross, death, followed by a rebirth. Two thousand years
 ago, the Jew denied Christ in order to exist. Today, in order to exist, he must adore him."
With Mel Gibson's passion for Christ like a bush fire, one wonders whether he might have taken a leaf of inspiration from misreading this text? If so, then the film is not only a waste of resources but a tragedy for the seed of confusion it has began to sow.
Sometimes in life the "passion-flower" climbs up the wrong building and gets consume in a blaze of fire ball.
All the best.

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