[Marxism] China (was: The Teixeira thesis)

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Sun Mar 7 14:13:24 MST 2004

""utterly" unrecognizable?  myriad of abhorrent problems aside, it's 
still a "communist party" in power.  i began to understand (what appears 
to be) henry liu's position a bit better when he once argued (something 
to the likes of): would you prefer that a solidarity(poland)-type union 
was formed there, so that the likes of soros could fund it and 
completely subvert the country into an openly-capitalist one?

from my direct interactions, even some of the most money-driven of the
nouveau-riche chinese still hold as their ultimate ideal a socialist or
communist country; they're just locked into the thinking that they must 
go through a "primary phase" of development first.  this seems to me a 
vital distinction from the emergent middle-class of other countries.  i 
believe someone else on this list made mention of this a few weeks ago.

xzy "

What an absurdity: as if the lame rationalizations of the new 
millionaires are worth a damn. Who is gullible enough to fall for that? 
"Oh, we don't really like being super rich capitalists, it is just a 
small, harmless phase towards socialism." Another reminder that 
"socialism with Chinese characteristics" is by now "socialism with 
capitalist characteristics", ie, "bullshit with bullshit characteristics."

No country with 90% of the population, the peasantry, being 
disenfranchised and marginalized more and more can be considered 
socialist on any basis. Herny Liu has always come up with justifications 
that go a bit overboard; once he predicted that Saddam would go down in 
fairy tales as a great hero of the Arab world. So much for that.

The party can call itself whatever it likes, only a child will stare in 
awe and reverence of a label behind which all the contents have been 

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