[Marxism] Request to Moderator for change in policy towards Cuba

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>The very questionable 'communist class' notwithstanding, the idea that 
the Moderator "halt all criticism of Cuba and it's Revolutionary gov't" 
is neither necessary nor germane to anything on this list.K


The questionability of the existence of the communist class - world wide, or 
what is in fact a huge segment of proletarians locked outside active 
engagement with the means of production, and/or unable to engage production in a way 
that allows them to reproduce themselves as proletarians, within a society 
(environment) at this juncture of post industrial development does not require 
poving. Its there - the communist class, and anyone one with eyes to see and one 
may call this social formation anything they choose.  

This communist class arises out of the proletariat as the direct result of 
the revolution in the material power of production (the organic composition of 
capital) and develops relative to its external polarity called the speculative 
sector of capital. Both are more than less divorced from the production of 
commodities. No one disputes this. The dispute is over the importance attached to 
speculative capital and the communist class. One may call the communist class 
"welfare bums" but they do not receive welfare on a planetary basis. 

More fundamental than this is the revolutionary proposition that the serf and 
feudal lord did not over throw feudalism. The two fundamental class that are 
the basic components of a system of production cannot overthrow it. Not 
because of a subjective desire. The struggle between them is always a struggle to 
reform the system; a struggle for a more equitable share of the social product 
and political liberties. 

This mass of poverty stricken - world wide, is not a petty bourgeoisie in 
composition. This is a communist class. In the last era the mass of the oppressed 
masses lingering under the jackboot of imperialism were described as petty 
bourgeois producers in their class composition. This is not the case today. 

In respects to a "gag order" it was a suggestion and way of focusing opinion. 
Lou does not gag anyone but kick folks off from going to far astray. I have 
personal experience with that. 


Melvin P. 

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