[Marxism] Why Socialists Support Nader's Campaign for President

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Sun Mar 7 21:40:18 MST 2004

It's time to break from the two-party system!

Statement by Socialist Alternative,

The moment Ralph Nader announced his run for
president, the entire political
establishment unleashed a torrent of abuse and
condemnation. Nader's
campaign has inspired a broad coalition opposing it,
uniting in message and
purpose the editors of The Nation magazine with the
Wall Street Journal,
the liberal intelligentsia with the strategists of
Corporate America.


Political commentators of all stripes, feigning
astonishment, have agreed
upon one explanation for Nader's decision to stand:
his egomaniacal
tendencies combined with irresponsible, anger-induced
delusion. In reality,
this campaign of character assassination reveals the
potential mass appeal
of Nader's message should it penetrate into the
mainstream dialogue. This
coalition of Nader's critics understands this threat
to their two-party
system, and they are hoping to preemptively crush his

Socialist Alternative strongly supports Ralph Nader's
decision to run an
insurgent campaign against the Democrats and
Republicans, as we did in
2000. We firmly believe Nader's campaign will be the
best way in the 2004
elections to forward the interests of workers, young
people, women, people
of color, LGBT people, the environment, and the
anti-war movement.

Every Nader vote registers a protest and strikes a
blow against the
establishment and their two parties - the people who
are responsible for
the war in Iraq, the lack of healthcare, poverty,
sexism, racism, and the
millions rotting in hellholes called jails.

continues at http://www.socialistalternative.org/nader
or http://www.socialistworld.net

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