[Marxism] SEXploitation in a free market economy II

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 7 22:14:29 MST 2004

The obverse can be seen in the recent history of the erstwhile USSR. 
Prostitution has skyrocketed in the brave new independent states that
once were mere socialist republics in the Soviet Union. Free market
relations, bourgeois society, and accompanying working class misery have
infiltrated  Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc., bringing in prostitution,
drug addiction, AIDS, suicide, shorter general life expectancies, etc.

Where there is a prostitution problem in Havana, it is directly
associated with the intrusion of bourgeois relations.
The causal link cannot be ignored.  Capitalism brings more suffering for
more peole, in exchange for luxury and power for a few.  Socialism is
better for the people. 

The irony is that captialism's champions hail "freedom" but it only
trickles into the hands of that few.  Socialism, on the other hand,
would liberate the masses.

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