[Marxism] Re: The Teixeira thesis

Jack F. Vogel jfv at trane.bluesong.net
Mon Mar 8 02:18:59 MST 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 12:29:57AM -0500, Julio Huato wrote:

... blah blah blah...
> They have set out to join a broad coalition to evict Bush from the White 
> House.  Instead of joining their fight wholeheartedly while providing a 
> sober perspective about the struggles yet to come, Louis and a few others on 
> the list have objected to the political vehicle these people have chosen to 
> execute the task, the Democratic Party.  So Louis calls us to fight a 
> sectarian fight instead.  The excuse is that the DP doesn't meet certain 
> ideological standards.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
So, you go on for pages with all kinds of fine print about the Russian
revolution and after all that you cant distinguish between 'ideological
standards' and class standards in the present moment...

Opposing the US dual party shell game is hardly an "excuse", its an
attainment of consciousness :) ...  'sectarian' indeed :)


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