[Marxism] Different periods, different politics

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 14:28:17 MST 2004


Yes, circumstances change.  If anything, though, this insight makes the
Democratic more corrupt, more bought-and-sold, and a more despicably
inhuman, brutal, and cynical gang of officeseekers than it was at
earlier points in its history.  

The issue is most definitely not Karl Kautsky.  Just yesterday, I
happened to be reading an old New York Times article on the 1905
memorial meeting for Henry George's birthday.  The platform was loaded
with radicals, Henry George, Jr. on one side and William Lloyd Garrison,
Jr. on the other.  The main speaker was William Jennings Bryan,
perennial Democratic presidential candidate who recalled meeting Tolstoy
and talked about the importance of radicalism in laying the foundations
for an America in which all citizens had an equality of opportunity.
(Bryan, remember, resigned from Wilson's cabinet over the US entry into
World War I.)

It'd be a cold day in hell before we'd hear anything like that from the
current lot....  Not only would they be unable to imagine raising their
worthless asses from any seat of power over something like a war, but
they actually voted for several wars of aggression...and have taken
issue with Bush primarily because they jealously would have preferred to
launch the carnage themselves.

In another sense, of course, these militants in Democratic ward
associations are ghosts of a pass age.  There is no real grass roots
party organization.  The "party activists" on encounters for the
Democrats are either paid functionaries (usually employees of city or
state governments...or applicants for such positions) or they are
members of groups whose officers have given their time to specific
Democratic candidates in return for the expectation of special favors
later.  Almost nobody in America who calls themselves a "Democrat" or a
"Republican" has any particular connection with a party organization.
This is all done via advertising on the idiot box today, aimed at
building consumer identification with the product.  

I've not heard of a single good reason yet for backing a Democrat in
this election.

Mark L.

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