[Marxism] Rehabbing Gore vs Opposing More Bloody Gore

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 16:40:40 MST 2004

Since this list has some that still confuse imagery vs substance, it might 
help to take a look at today's Common Dreams site effort to rehab the 
Democratic Party in time to get 'anybody except Bush elected as President in 
2004'.   This is the mantra of liberals and the motley lot that call 
themselves non-L words that are nothing but code for liberal... words like 
populist and progressive.

They just gotta be free of Dub, and they'll go to any extremes of 
self-degradation!    Here is the New Improved Gore per commondreams.com.     
Read it and weep....

Monday, March 8, 2004 by the Los Angeles Times (and Common Dreams)
Gore Sheds His Centrist Suit for a Decidedly Populist One
Written off by some, the 2000 Democratic nominee is ramping up the anti-Bush 
rhetoric, and people are taking note.

by Eric Slater

BOISE, Idaho — Al Gore cut something of a lonesome figure standing by 
himself in the lobby of the Doubletree Riverside Hotel with no aides in 
sight, raccoon-eyed and with a puffy face from a ski slope sunburn. Some in 
the crowd stopped to say hello, while others seemed content pretending they 
hadn't noticed the former vice president.

Long moments passed as Gore waited silently for another hand to come forward 
for a shake.
The right wing … has now intimidated the formerly moderate Republicans. The 
right wing has taken over the Republican Party…. In order to win their 
victories, the right wing relies on the politics of fear … and the 
repetition of big lies.

Al Gore

But a short time later, within minutes of taking the stage in the hotel's 
packed ballroom last month, a growling, preaching, sweating Gore delivered a 
no-holds-barred, anti-Bush administration speech that had the crowd of 1,000 
Idaho Democrats whooping, hollering and whispering.

"If he'd have spoken like this last time around," a young volunteer said 
quietly to another, "he'd be president now." It might be more accurate to 
say that the last time around, when Gore campaigned for the White House with 
his "people versus the powerful" theme, it simply didn't resonate like the 
more fiery version has recently.

Gore remains one of America's best-known politicians, but his image even 
among some Democrats has become less than flattering — and at times an 
object of ridicule.

His monotonic debate style during the 2000 presidential campaign became a 
staple of "Saturday Night Live" sketches. That year's race began as his to 
lose, many believe, and although the Florida ballot recount still infuriates 
many Democrats, Gore in the end did lose it. Then he grew a beard — noted by 
comedians — and for the most part checked out of public life.

He returned to the spotlight — cleanshaven — most notably in late 2003 to 
back former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean in this year's Democratic presidential 
contest. Not only did Gore neglect to forewarn his former running mate — 
Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was also seeking the nomination — but 
his endorsement coincided with the start of Dean's spectacular plummet from 
front-runner to has-been.

Gore, it seemed, could do no right. Some politicos began sarcastically 
calling him "The Cooler," a reference to a recent movie about a Las Vegas 
loser whose luck is so bad that he is employed by a casino to spread it 

What has gone mostly unnoticed, however, is a change in the man's voice. It 
is often now that of an unapologetic populist — more like that of his 
father, the late Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore; more like it was when the 
younger Gore won a House seat in the 1970s, before his failed 1988 bid for 
the White House and before he followed Bill Clinton up the center of the 
party's ideological spectrum to the vice presidency in 1992.

His Boise speech offered vintage examples of his ramped-up rhetoric. "The 
right wing … has now intimidated the formerly moderate Republicans," Gore 
told the crowd. "The right wing has taken over the Republican Party…. In 
order to win their victories, the right wing relies on the politics of fear 
… and the repetition of big lies."

There is more in the article, and it gets yet more ridiculous.    To read it 
all, go to 'common dreams' (should be named common nighmares, IMO).    I 
protested against Gore during the 2000 campaign with a sign that said... NO 
MORE BLOODY GORE....     Why on earth would any human being want and pray 
for a return to this son of a bitch?     And that's what trying to get Kerry 
into office is all about, and people like Norman Solomon and Micahel Moore 
are pushing for such.

Those socialists that support this nonsense should be taken out and shot, 
and I say this as one who is opposed to executions in all countries, 
including Cuba.     But I think I could support it in the case of people 
like Eric Slater, who try to use Madison Avenue slick to rehab pasty old 
face-lifted vampires like Al Gore.    They are kidding nobody but themselves 
by taking on this impossible task of rehabbing the Democratic Party.      
Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dumb.

Tony Abdo

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