[Marxism] A Frenchman vs the Texas Ranger

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 17:06:16 MST 2004

More 'Left" drivel using Madison Avenue imagery manipulation...    Yes, take 
Eric Margolis out, line him up against the wall, and shoot him!    Help put 
the public out of the misery of having constant exposure to educated idiots 
debasing themselves.     It would be an act of kindness.

Here it is again from commondreams.com today, John Kerry, the 'Frenchman', 
vs the 19th century neanderthal Texas Ranger.... the cowboy that must be 
stopped theme.

Isn't it sad and pathetic when people on the Left resort to 'educating the 
publc about the need to vote against Bush' in such a manner?    We should 
remove the brains of dead liberals and study them to see if they is some 
sort of difference in brain structure that causes Chronic Mad Donkey 

Here is the 'Progressive' Eric Margolis at work....
Published on Sunday, March 7, 2004 by the Toronto Sun
Kerry is Everything George Bush is Not
by Eric Margolis

MINNEAPOLIS -- Struggling to find the worst thing he could say about Sen. 
John Kerry, a senior member of the Bush administration proclaimed last year, 
"He looks so ... so ... French!"
By "French," the Bushite must have meant well educated, articulate, 
dignified, sophisticated, worldly - everything President George W. Bush, who 
likes to play tough Texas Ranger, is not.

However, being educated and sophisticated is not a political asset in 
America's heartland - parts of the midwest, mountain states, and south, 
where Bush is often venerated with the kind of mindless adulation North 
Koreans shower on their "Beloved Leader," Kim Jong-il.    The United States 
is unique among advanced nations in demanding wealthy career politicians 
running for high office pretend they are simple working-class fellows who 
drink beer and bowl.  Members of the Soviet ruling elite, who secretly lived 
like Turkish pashas, used to also claim they were simple factory workers 
fulfilling their civic duty to the Motherland.

Last week's "Super Tuesday" primaries here in Minnesota and nine other 
states, confirmed that this fall, the "Frenchman" will be the Democratic 
party candidate to oppose Bush, of Crawford, Texas.
>From Buenos Aires to Beijing, people are asking, if Kerry were to win 
election, how would his foreign policies differ from that of the Bush 
administration, which, Kerry charges, "has run the most inept, reckless, 
arrogant and ideological foreign policy in the modern history of our 

Kerry is absolutely right. Remember, when Bush was running for president, he 
promised a "humble" foreign policy that would be "low-key" and avoid foreign 
entanglements. At the time, Bush showed himself shockingly ignorant of 
foreign affairs, and did not even know the name of Pakistan's leader.
But once in office, the Bush administration, even before 9/11, embarked on 
plans to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. It adopted a confrontational policy 
with Europe, a major arms buildup, and threw U.S. support behind Israel's 
right-wing leader, Ariel Sharon.

Cheney's no moderate

Vice President Dick Cheney, formerly viewed as a moderate, revealed himself 
to be an extreme rightist who packed the administration's security and 
foreign policy ranks with fellow ideologues.
Kerry may be counted on to return the U.S. to its pre-Bush foreign policy, 
beginning by improving relations with Europe's core nations, France and 
Germany. To the horror of many Bushites, whose preferred language appears to 
be speaking in tongues, the Boston senator reportedly speaks ... French.    
Sen. Kerry calls for more co-operation with the UN and other world bodies. 
He vows to end the Bush administration's militarization of U.S. foreign 
policy and its aggressive behavior toward nations that fail to comply with 
the White House's diktat.
Kerry supports the Kyoto environmental treaty, though Congress will be 
unlikely to ever accept it in its present form.

But if elected, Kerry will face powerful institutional forces opposed to any 
change in policy direction, particularly in the Mideast, Washington's 
biggest foreign policy headache.   Bush and his neo-con mentors blundered 
the U.S. into twin hornets' nests in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's unlikely 
Washington will be able to fully impose its political will on either nation, 
given growing armed resistance and civil chaos. These neo-colonial 
misadventures are costing over $6 billion monthly and tie down almost half 
the U.S. Army.....
The aricle goes on and on...    What an absolutely pathetic argument though! 
     Vote Kerry and geet a return to 'pre-Bush foreign policy".     Wow, oh 
really, what a goal, Eric!    I'm so convinced you know.    There's so much 
greasy, cheeesey rhetoric here, I feel liuke I just ate a ton of French 
fries.     Save some to ship to Haiti when Kerry gets elected.    
Please.....    John Kerry, the Frenchman!

Tony Abdo

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