[Marxism] Different periods, different politics

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Mar 8 18:33:29 MST 2004

"Jack F. Vogel" wrote:

>  However, IMHO,
> when we want to build and lead a movement in 2004, say in the USA, then
> we DONT do that by getting a million people to read the Communist
> Manifesto. Revolutions arent book-clubs :)

This is the sort of thing that makes discussion impossible: the
invention of bizarre arguments that no one has ever put forth. If you
want to discuss, you have to respond to what people say, in the context
they say it in. You can _then_ argue that their position implies such
nonsense as this, but you have to argue it.

STatements like this imply that your opponents are fools. That is not a
way to encourage principled debate.


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