[Marxism] Re: Different periods, different politics

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 20:22:33 MST 2004

<<The vast majority of trade
union and social activists support the Democrats, despite angry
assertions to the contrary by the wishful thinkers on this list.
Marv Gandall>>

Yeah, true.   But so what?    Who says that socialists should be making the 
same blunders as many 'trade unionists and social activists' might be doing? 
    Funny, others on this list have made the absolute same argument about 
why the Green party must be ABSOLUTELY supported as an electoral movement, 
too.    That's where the folk are..... so you all say.

Socailists should be leaders, and not followers of a herd that have been 
pushed along by the mass media into voting against their class interests.    
By leading, that doesn't mean  socialists should run narrow sectarian 
campaigns centered around some socialist grouplet or another.    Nor does it 
mean that socialists should look for building up the first 'populist' group 
that might show their face partially outside the DP, especially as part of 
an international Green movement that is clearly nothing more than a watered 
down Social Democracy minus unions.

But it most certainly doesn't mean voting for a party that has the same 
corporate donors driving their politics as the Republican Party does.     
Even if Pragmatic Marv be absolutely correct that the majority of Left 
activists still think that voting DP is somehow different than voting for 
the Republican wing of the Corporate Unity Party -USA.

And coming up with a two stage theory of voting titled... Different Periods, 
Different Politics... is baloney, Marv!     Today you vote DP, and 
tomorrow...?    Well it will be the dead same, won''t it?    Different 
Periods, Same Vote Always.... that's how that works out.

Move the ship forward, don't keep advocating that workers keep voting DP.    
For they're not going to listen to you, Marv.     They're going to watch TV 
on election day and then go to sleep.    Or watch "The Passion" on video.

Tony Abdo

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