[Marxism] Different periods, different politics

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at aros.net
Mon Mar 8 21:22:12 MST 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Louis Proyect wrote:
> Has capitalism won? A reply to Irwin Silber
> Comment by Reihana Mohideen
> In his recently published book Socialism: What Went Wrong?, Irwin
> Silber, long-term activist in the US left and editorial member of
> Crossroads magazine, argues that there has been no objective basis for
> socialist revolution this century.

	I don't think that describing Silber as a 'long-term activist' and
reference to his brief involvement with the short-lived Crossroads
magazine is an adequate appreciation of his life-long training in the
Stalinist school of class-collaboration - first the pro-Moscow variant,
then over to the pro-Beijing, then back to pro-Moscow.  I think the
long-term development of his political views is an excellent case-study in
the damage inflicted by a Stalinist political education.
	On the other hand, i'd have to say that Silber had more political
courage than those who grow up in the undisguised schools of reformism.

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