[Marxism] Different periods, different politics

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Mar 8 21:30:52 MST 2004

"Jack F. Vogel" wrote:
> And, Carrol, I dont think for a minute anyone here is a fool, that comment
> was more an ironic one, not something I thought anyone actually held. I
> apologize if I offended you in some way.

Though I snarl easily, I am not easily offended. So no offense.

But all too often such straw arguments are seriously invoked in debates
on the left. I've encountered them often enough so I tend to react
sharply. I've since read the remainder of your post, and clearly you do
not belong to the category to which I had over-hastily assigned you. My

There are real difficulties in the _way_ in which 1848 or 1870 or 1905
or 1932 are to be used (or abused). Abuse _usually_ takes the form of
abstracting the documents and their arguments from the context of
struggle from which they emerged, and as a result (whether in praise or
blame, acceptance or rejection) the texts are treated as holy _or
demonic_ writ. The latter is every bit as emptily dogmatic as the


> Solidarity,
> Jack
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