[Marxism] Dirty dancing in Havana

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 8 23:17:35 MST 2004

It's a simple Hollywood film about a foreign white girl
whose father works for a US corporation who meets and
falls in love with a Cuban boy after learning lots of
dance moves from him and Cuba. The movie doesn't show
the Cuban revolution (which hadn't quite triumphed at
the time the film was set) in a bad light. After all,
the girl offers to use her father's influence to get
him out of the country and the boy, who has avoided
politics as much as he could, decides that, in the 
final analysis, he should stay in Cuba and participate
in the process of changing society for the better, a
cause for which his father gave his life. Anyone who
has ever had a parent disapprove of their romantic
choices will understand the central dramatic tension
of the movie. The fact that it's set in Cuba at the
end of the Batista dictatorship, and that Batista 
is shown to be a brutal thug from one of the very
earliest scenes, sets the limited political tone of
the picture. 

Now that the tonton maacoutes types are back in the
saddle again in Haiti, a movie like this should have
an even greater resonance. It's not a perfect movie,
just a nice Hollywood romance movie with dancing.


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