[Marxism] Re: Different periods, different politics

Jack F. Vogel jfv at trane.bluesong.net
Tue Mar 9 00:39:52 MST 2004

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 12:01:35AM -0600, Tony Abdo wrote:
> Different period, different politics?    I think that we ARE in a different 
> period that needs something different done.    When Nader announced his 
> campaign for the Presidency just recently, it gave both the Socialist Party 
> USA and the Greens a golden opportunity to do something different, and try 
> to merge their separate campaigns outside the two party framework, into one. 
>     The fact that nobody has even discussed this idea shows how sadly 
> lacking the US Left is right now, in imagination and in innovation.
> Where are all the socialist groups and other Leftists from Workers World, 
> Solidarity, International Socailsits, The Green Party, the Socialist Party- 
> USA, Znet, etc.?    They are trailing behind the non-voting masses, just as 
> much as any  proDP 'dish rag reformist' might be.   They are sitting this 
> election out much more than the disenchanted non-voters might be.    They 
> are the MIA.
> What stops any of these groups (along with Nader himself) fom trying to run 
> a Left of the DP unity campaign?    It must be sectariansim, lack of 
> imagination, stupidty, inertia, lack of contact with the masses... all 
> rolled up into one here.   How hard is it to say out aloud, we need to run 
> against the capitalist parties together?    Solidarity to change something!  
>    Who can blame Marv for being relunctant to leave the DP behind, when all 
> the rest of the Left can't get it together?
> Though I consider the Greens to be a limp and phoney pseudo Social Democracy 
> failing to gell, that doesn't mean that other socialists should not actively 
> try to work with these people by making an effort to get an alliance to the 
> Left of the DP formed.    So far, nobody and no organization on the Left 
> seems willing to try to get this ball rolling.     We can only hope, and 
> begin to talk about this.    It seems as fundamental as A,B,C.
OH YES, do i ever agree with you Tony, the time and the people are
ready, this is what we need, I just hope we can make it happen.



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