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>At bottom, it’s not possible to come to a meeting of minds on an orientation 
to the Democratic party unless there is an agreement that the period has 
changed, something I think a lot of people on this list are not willing or able to 
do. They are still
living in 1871 Paris, 1917 Petrograd, 1933 Berlin, and 1949 China –
because that is what has given meaning and purpose to their life, and
the present reality is too difficult to face and to contemplate. I mean no 
disrespect; I know the feeling.<


"Orientation to the Democratic Party" . . . interesting proposition. 

Communists - I am a communist, a Red if you will, are forever facing the 
political proposition "that the movement is everything, the final goal nothing."

We of course fight for the workers in their immediate struggle as a way of 
life. In this sense the bulk of my activity for thirty years involved the trade 
unions, but not exclusively. 

Politics is an art and communist politics requires historical thinking and 
the Paris Commune is very important as is the rebellion of the workers of Lyons 
in 1863.  The experience of the Third Party Movement that Jesse Jackson rode 
the wave of, is instructive. One must try to remember what has taken place in 
respects to the Democratic Party. 

A deeper question is how to dispense limited forces in the social arena. Most 
communists are not going to fight to orientate themselves to the Democratic 
Party, but rather social forces at play. The reason is not a rejection of 
electoral politics, but because many of us did this before and believe that period 
of history is exhausted. 

The political equation in America is such that a political rupture with the 
class politics of the bourgeoisie means that "the worse" of the lesser of "two 
evils" is going to win in the electoral arena. 

I have of course spent the past three years trying to describe the salient 
features of the new period and why it is a new period. I do not consider myself 
to be stuck in "the old period" but have a different vision of the future 
society and how to get there. The basis of all my political projections proceed 
from the standpoint of the most poverty stricken sections of society. What can 
the Democratic Party do for the communist class or the most poverty stricken? 

I am not anti-electoral politics and have won elections. 

What we have here is not a "failure to communicate" or misunderstanding but 
different body politics. On a local level there very well may be Democrats 
worth supporting. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the people of 
America boycott the elections. If as a communist I were assigned to work within 
the Democratic Party my fight would be to raise the issues and needs dear to 
the heart of the most poverty stricken. 

Marxmail is not a political Party but a forum for Marxists. The "Marx" in 
Marxmail would seems to make this clear. All are welcome but the bottom line is 
Marxism and reasoning based on the necessity of social revolution. Nor, do 
communists reject work in the Trade Unions or anywhere else. 

We "fight the sin where the land is marked at." 

We are more than less clear about the general meaning of this new period of 
history. The debate has been over the line of advance. 

Melvin P. 

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