[Marxism] A tactical debate

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 10 13:51:38 MST 2004

I think that Marv has keyed in on the only real difference betweeen the DP 
and RP politics nationally.      We can leave aside the imagery differences 
offerred to the public by Candidates Bush and Kerry, and try to imagine what 
are the differences between the two candidates as seen from the viewpoint of 
American based multinational corporations?     After all, this is where the 
real 'democracy' in America is, as gaged in tonnage of dollars donated one 
way or the other weighs in.

Here, the vote willl line up as to whether it is too dangerous to continue 
with the Bush group's unilateralist military interventionism, or not?    
More advantages to using an elephant gun alone continuously in foreign 
affairs, or better to kill using a thousand knives?    And a growing sector 
of the US ruing class is beginning to see the true limits to not having any 
Slick in its current approach.    So the US elite may finally decide to put 
the DP back in to office, mainly to maintain  world alliances instead of to 
continue disintegrating them as Bush will have a tendency to do.

If the ruling class continues to go with Bush, it may well be a true 
miscalculation on their part of the grand import of using ideology to rule 
the world, insead of only pure naked force.    That has clearly become the 
viewpoint of those sectors of the DNC influenced ruling elite.    There is a 
growing wave that is opposed to making the current hard nose methodology of 
Team Bush a more permanent fixture of US power.    It just seems too 
dangerous to them, even if in their cold hearts they go for it.    But 
first, the more rabid sectors at the junior levels of ruling class structure 
must be re-reigned back in somehow.    This may be what the election 
campaigning begins to turn on?

Tony Abdo
<<An interview with John Kerry in the latest Time, and an article in today
’s Wall Street Journal article on current US foreign policy, illustrate
that Democratic and Republican differences primarily turn on the
alliance with Europe.

As the Journal reports, the Bush administration recognizes the need for
“multilateral” diplomatic, military, and economic support in pursuit of
US imperial objectives, while Kerry told Time “he is prepared to act
unilaterally if I have to” – mostly, like the Republicans, against weak
and defenceless countries.

But the Democrats generally adhere to the traditional bipartisan
consensus favouring the use, in alliance with Europe, of recognized
instruments like the UN and NATO, while the Republicans feel constrained
by “old Europe” and prefer instead to assemble more pliable ad hoc and,
if necessary, illegitimate “coalitions of the willing”.>>

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