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Please consider signing the petition:

Statement made by the Vietnam association for victims  of agent 
orange/dioxin -

Hanoi 26th February

The Executive Committee of the Vietnam Association for
Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVO), on 25th February 2004
has held a meeting to review its recent activities and
design new orientation and plan of action for the future.

The VAVO sincerely expresses its great gratitude to the
Party and Government for their recent issuance of
complementary pension schemes applied for families, of which
many members fail to manage self-services.

The VAVO respectfully takes note of the sentimental and
material support enthusiastically offered by masses of
people nation-wide and by numerous international and
national organizations as well as by various progressive
personalities from many countries, who have encouraged us to
overcome all difficulties encountered in the course of
finalizing our noble goals. This Association sent a
representative of victims to the World Social Forum held in
Mumbai, India in order to exhibit our fighting spirit in
solidarity and in cooperation with Bhopal's victims and to
give the World additional knowledge on the conditions of
Vietnamese victims.

On 30th January 2004, the VAVO and three other families
consisting of six victims have started a class action suit
against chemical corporation which were suppliers of the
toxic agents used by American troops in Vietnam. Many other
victims were and are continuing to ask to participate in
this civil case. Public opinion everywhere has proved its
sympathy with our Vietnamese victims' just action after
decades of patience exerted in bearing uncountable
sufferings of enormous losses. The Vietnamese people,
faithful to the tradition of generosity and tolerance, have
for many years demonstrated their readiness to cooperate
with the United States in resolving these atrocious war
consequences. However, this good-will was not positively
reciprocated. The Vietnamese victims are undertaking this
lawsuit, not only for their own lives, but also for those
benefits justly expected by all victims of Agent
Orange/Dioxin in other countries, including the United
States. This action is not only projected for one
generation, but also for many generations, past, present and
future of bearers of long-lasting sufferings. With powerful
confidence in the existence of and respect for conscience
and justice on our planet, this action is conducted in the
name of solemn right to life, the primary right of all human

The VAVO earnestly appeal to all compatriots, at home and
abroad, to more powerfully demonstrate own sympathy with and
support for all activities carried out and the lawsuit filed
in the United States by our victims.

The VAVO expects and welcomes all progressive organizations,
individuals and people all over the world, especially in the
United States, who display stronger sentiments and
activities for the sake of right to life.

While wholeheartedly supporting the Declaration approved by
the Stockholm Conference held in Sweden, July 2002, the VAVO
urgently calls upon governments, non-governmental entities
and peoples of all other countries to actively support those
humanitarian efforts intended for assisting our Vietnamese
victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin and overcoming severe war
consequences left behind in Vietnam.

For the sake of safeguarding World Peace and Justice, let's
support our victims of Agent Orange!

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