[Marxism] Re: A tactical debate

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Mar 10 21:05:02 MST 2004

Marvin replying to Lou:
>>You seem to be suggesting that [Kerry's] dissembling means he might have,
like Bush, invaded Iraq. Against the strenuous objections of France,
Germany, Russia, and China, the UN, and
the opposition of a large part of his base?<<

I would expect him to try to find some way to *involve* these other forces,
as Bush senior did in 1991, and then invade Iraq. He would have set about
laying the basis for this after 9/11, whereas Bush set about laying the
basis for unilateral action.

The split in the ruling class, both in America and internationally, wasn't
for or against imposing direct imperialist control on Iraq. It was for or
against US unilateralism. In Australia where I live, most bourgeois
anti-war types would have fallen into line quite quickly if the UN was

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