[Marxism] Socialist Scholars Conference

Will Miller wmiller at uvm.edu
Wed Mar 10 21:42:53 MST 2004

See you at the MR table at 1:00 PM.


>Stuart Lawrence wrote:
>>La Palapa? An excellent choice, if that's the one you mean.
>>I'll be there and I'd like to meet up with anyone else from Marxmail who
>>is there. Louis, if you want to pick a time and place for lunch either
>>day, that would be fine with me.
>The fucked up thing is that there really is no time slotted for a 
>lunch break. There is one session that begins at 10 and ends at 
>11:50. But the next begins at 12:00 and goes to 1:50. My suggestion 
>is that we meet at 1pm. That will allow us to catch most of the 12pm 
>presentations and be in time for the 2pm sessions. Let's meet at the 
>Monthly Review table. Then we'll go get some lunch from there. Try 
>and make it 1pm sharp so as not to inconvenience people. I am 
>reminded that Trotsky closed the door at the exact moment a meeting 
>was supposed to start. Stragglers were forced to knock on the door 
>to be admitted, embarrassing themselves and earning a baleful look 
>from Trotsky.
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