[Marxism] Re: Bombs in Madrid

DoC donaloc at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 06:28:39 MST 2004

Ed, that certainly is news. Massive casualties. I assume that this
wasn't planned to go that way. I see ETA is blamed already. I fear for
the backlash. Perhaps on the other hand it will bring the issue to
prominence. The Spanish have been able for so long to avoid it by
closing their eyes. Was chatting to two Basque activists over here last
weekend. Things are pretty rough already. I can't imagine what will
happen now.

Reading your second email now. Thinking again, it doesn't look at all
like what ETA's about. It's much more likely to be some pro-Arab
backlash against Spain's cow-towing behind the USA. Couldn't be timed
better for the election either - its sure to push the pro-statist vote.

Yes, I agree totally on the dignity of the Catalonian Nationalists. They
too were at Dublin last weekend. I think that if/when Sinn Fein gets 2
MEPs this June - we will be forming something of an alliance with them
and we'll try to pull in left/radicals alongside it. I think it's the
only hope within the EU for something to challenge the conservative

Got to go,

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