[Marxism] ex-Guantanamo prisoner "having difficulty walking"

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Thu Mar 11 08:10:58 MST 2004

Einde O'Callaghan pointed out that there were still 4 more British citizens
held at Guantanamo. Here is the latest on the five released prisoners as
reported in the New York City paper Newsday. BTW, any ultraleftists paying
attention to this list who feel that defense of formal democratic rights is
not important should consider the last paragraph --from Brian Shannon

March 11, 2004
LONDON - Britain has released all five men returned Tuesday from U.S.
military detention at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, police said yesterday.
One man, Jamal al-Harith, was freed within hours of the group's arrival at
Northolt Royal Air Force Base. The others were arrested under an
anti-terrorism law but were not charged with any crime and were freed
yesterday. They were identified as Ruhal Ahmed, Tarek Dergoul, Asif Iqbal
and Shafiq Rasul.

Max Clifford, a spokesman for Dergoul's family, said Dergoul was in a
mentally fragile condition, was having difficulty walking and would be taken
to a private locale to be reunited with his family. Clifford said Dergoul
had told his family he had been traveling in Afghanistan when he was
captured and was in "the wrong place at the wrong time."

The Bush administration says roughly 640 prisoners are being held at
Guantanamo because of suspicions they have links to Afghanistan's fallen
Taliban regime or the al-Qaida network. Families of the five returnees have
said they were mistakenly caught up in the U.S. war on terrorism, and they
pressed British officials for the men's release during their detentions of
up to two years without charge or access to lawyers.

"My wife has been crying for the last 18 months and I am angry," Riasoth
Ahmed, the father of prisoner Ruhal Ahmed, told reporters outside his home
in Tipton, central England.

Four Britons remain imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, and Britain and the United
States will continue discussions on what to do with them. Britain has
insisted its nationals at the camp either receive fair trials or be returned

Prime Minister Tony Blair's government has emphasized that the returned men
had to be handled carefully because they could pose a security risk, but
prosecutors, not Blair's ministers, had the decision whether to press

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