[Marxism] What a mix! Florida election, BIA, Casino Gambling

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Thu Mar 11 17:04:58 MST 2004

The original tribe and its leaders as well as the local town are against
opening a casino site. National and international corruption and violence
walks hand-in-hand with its local variant.

I originally saw this in the Miami Herald; but the Indian news service
should be bookmarked.
   --from Brian Shannon

BIA officials who oversaw the elections and their relatives, stand to
benefit from the project. . . .

Apparently it was BIA official Amy Dutschke who approved the elections that
saw four of her relatives elected to the tribal council, none of whom were
part of the original 70-member tribe.

"Basically, what you have here is the local BIA office inserting themselves
into the internal operations of a tribe, something that they claim is
against their policy," says Joan Villa. . . .

Joan Villa claims that Dutschke is actually a member of a defunct nearby
tribe at Mt. Aukum, near Fiddletown and does not dispute that they are local
Indians but said that they are not members of the Ione Band. . . .

The Villas are also claiming that Republican operative Roger Stone has
gathered investors for the casino deal. Stone, who has been involved in
several Republican campaigns, was described as a "party hatchet man" by one
source. Perhaps most notably, he organized several mini-riots at Florida
election offices after the disputed 2000 election that used Republican
congressional staffers to pretend they were outraged local citizens and
disrupt recounts.

Stone has also drawn harsh criticism from several Republican leaders
including former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole.

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