[Marxism] The "profiteering patrioteer"--from Hunter Bear's website

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Thu Mar 11 19:19:24 MST 2004

I was trying to find the origin and present meaning of the phrase
"single-jack" when I ended up at Hunter Bear's website
and read the following [referring to the vigilante kidnapping in Bisbee, AZ,
and other actions]. Those of us in a position to speak on the Iraq War,
Bush's use of the firemen in his campaign ads, and the role of Halliburton
around the world may find it useful. --from Brian Shannon

[Hunter Bear's introduction to the quote below.]
Arizona had only become a state in 1912 and its fiery Governor George W.P.
Hunt -- who had come into the Territory on a mule and who was essentially a
socialist -- later denounced the brutal vigilante actions against copper
workers in an extraordinary address before the Arizona Legislature:

"At this juncture I am sorely troubled for lack of a word, a phrase, an
expression with which to give poignant utterance to that which is in my
heart; to adequately describe a certain sort of thing in human shape that
wears the outward semblance of a man, but yet is a craven cur; whose heart
is as malignant as a cesspool; whose mind is a sink of infamy. . . .Such a
thing is the 'profiteering patrioteer,' the detestable hypocrite who, with
sanctimonious demeanor, goes through the mummery of patriotic service,
though striving all the while to profit by his country's dire distress; to
vent a personal prejudice under the guise of patriotism, or to gain for
himself a pecuniary advantage under the starry folds of his country's flag
with which he drapes his sorry soulless figure.  There is no word in all the
range of human tongue from Sanskrit to Anglo-Saxon with which to describe
this creature, so I abandon the effort in despair."

>From Vernon H. Jensen, Heritage of Conflict: Labor Relations in the
Nonferrous Metals Industry up to 1930 [Ithaca:  Cornell University Press,
1950], pp. 426-427.

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