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> agreed with most of your points, only i would like to note that the 
> illustrations in "seven Chinese brothers" are overly caricatured,  
slanty-eyed depictions.  >also just a side note, Confucianism nonetheless has a 
definite conservative streak to it    (part of the 
> reason why Mao criticized it), not to mention that Confucius often 
> regarded women as little else than meddlesome children.  I prefer Daoism 
> xzy
This is going to be somewhat difficult because the base formulation has 
defied description by every generation of Marxist until now. 
The Chinese people - or rather the people of China, most certainly have “
slanted eyes” or rather that section of humanity with the longest continuous 
written history/culture, have characteristics different from other peoples. This is 
not stated in jest. 
This is to say that my encounter with aspects of the culture of China, as a 
child, was already devoid of the thick ideological atmosphere of American white 
chauvinism. There are reasons for this bound up with my family history. 
As an adult I have come to understand beauty historically and on the level of 
theory and ideology. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder - only 
variation of a historically evolved theme. The victor writes the theme. The theme that 
is written or made manifest is fraudulently hurled on the world stage as 
beauty eyes and one encounters a complexity not reducible to economic categories 
or mode of production. The eyes of beauty spring from a profound biological 
imperative and demands meeting the nutritional requirements of humanity as the 
fundamental basis for health, life, love, the pursuit of happiness and the 
realization of beauty.  
What today appears as unsustainable consumption arose in history as the 
striving to meet humanity nutritional needs.  
Here is the irreducible “unit” in human evolution ignored by the bourgeoisie 
and misunderstood by Marxists. The society of plenty does not mean plenty of 
everything. The unconscious and ignorant striving to meet our nutritional 
requirements has led humanity to “eating everything eatable” – Engels 
formulation. This means consuming everything consumable in the earth. For beauty to be in 
the eye of the beholder, the beholder must live in the eye of beauty.  
Symmetry is rooted in a biological imperative by definition. Symmetry 
contains its own history and evolution. American society is moving in the wrong 
direction and not conscious of itself on a profound level. The glorification of “Big
” is degenerate. Fat people are not beautiful. Fat is feces and mucus 
accumulation. Our world is victimized by consumption theory and ideology, which is 
reproduced in ever widening cycles as an attribute of bourgeois reproduction. 
The bourgeois and petty bourgeois intellectual calls this the ecological crisis 
and “running out of resources.” 
For reasons of history the sharp murderous ideological form of this process 
is white chauvinism. My point is that the shape of the unfolding social 
struggle - world wide, is against white chauvinism in all its manifestations. Not 
racism but white chauvinism. White chauvinism emerged on the basis of white 
supremacy and is a material relationship of property; white chauvinism is an 
ideological expression of bourgeois property as it arose historically. White 
chauvinism is the form that the imperial bribery was given to the Anglo-American 
people that broke the unity of the working class within the American Union and 
throughout the world. Capitalism - bourgeois property did not develop 
harmoniously out of the English countryside, but rather arose on the basis of New World 
slavery and the transition in the form of wealth from landed property relations 
to gold. 
What was New World slavery other than throwing human beings into the furnace 
driving consumption? It is valid for Marxists to demand that other Marxists 
adopt the theory propositions of Karl Marx. New world slavery was the most 
extreme and brutal form of separating the producer from his means of production and 
The color factor in world history is not going to just go away. “Slanted eyes”
 means “yellow people” and this form of ideological struggle has been 
imposed upon us by the militant imperial bourgeoisie. China has developed the market 
connection, economic strength and growing military capacity to halt this form 
of ideological insanity. 
I believe we are on the same page and paragraph. 
I am a communist and as stated earlier have zero tolerance for populism in 
any form. The consequence of populism was revealed in the American Union in the 
1890s. My status as the most imperial of all imperial workers does not prevent 
me from debating practical politics on the basis of my own history. Populism 
is a non class hostile ideology and in the past has sought out a social basis 
for reaction. 
Communists are always compelled to compromise with their audience or we will 
have no audience. Nevertheless, it is important that we adhere to a singular 
line of march rooted in the world class alignment. 
I am not the same person that come from mother, but then I am. The social 
equation is complex but then again, it is not. The current leadership in China 
cannot be characterized as bourgeois nationalists. China is not a colony, 
semi-colony or neo-colonial state.  
If you have the longest continuous written history and the most populous 
country on earth, you can define terms describing engagement. The intelligencia in 
the imperial centers object to this proposition. At the end of the day the 
market of 1.3 billion peoples is going to alter our definitions of things. China’
s evolving computer industry and communications infrastructure means the 
opening of a new arena/era of ideological struggle. 
Thousands of Marxists in China need the proper international space to 
consolidate a revolutionary program of action. The communist insurgent program of 
action is very simple: “victory to the workers in their current struggle” and 
this includes the struggle to restructure the economy of China. A Western type 
and style of economy should be opposed. “Western type” is going to be defined 
in the furnace of engagement. At the end of the day the communists in China 
are going to define “Western” on the basis of property relations and social 
forms expressing historically evolved property and the current configuration of 
consumption. Over-consumption is by definition unsustainable and leads to the 
death of a living organism. 
The problem is that Marxists have had no way to describe and qualify 
consumption. Consumption is being qualified as meaning the consistent sustaining of 
our nutritional needs. 
Marxists unravel the inner relations of things. Everything is involved in the 
social equation. The communist revolution is the most radical in human 
history. Philosophy itself is to fall under heavy assault. Did not Marx himself 
state that the proletariat abolishes itself and philosophy? 
Nevertheless it is important to deal with the here and now and emerging 
political configuration. 
We advanced communists workers and insurgent Marxists unconditionally support 
revolution and insist upon our entitlement to conditionally support 
multi-national state structures. We militantly support a policy of non-interference in 
the internal affairs of multi-national states, while safeguarding our 
entitlement to engage fellow communists in discussions and debates without regard to 
state boundaries. 
In yesteryear, most of the communists and Marxists in the American Union 
failed to grasp the complex social struggle taking place within the Soviet Union 
and Nikita Khrushchev’s buffoonery. Nikita was a man of no personal merits much 
less communist steadfastness. His crime against humanity is that he split the 
communist movement and the Socialist camp and enlarged the political space 
for the emergence of the non-class movements called the “Third World” struggle. 
>From the standpoint of the communists and Marxists in the most imperial of 
all imperial countries, these non-class movements are the internal content of 
the Populist Movements in history. Within the American Union – since the 1890s, “
Modern Populism” is correctly identified as “fascism in disguise” and is a 
political movement that prepares the social basis for reaction. 
We await a description of “Modern Populism” by our comrade communists in 
China. The ideological struggle is unavoidable and the communists throughout the 
world must share their common experience and ideas.  
Nothing shall be conceded to the imperialists on the ideological plane. There 
exists a social basis to restructure what has passed for Marxism in the 
American Union. 
Everything is involved. The world is not enough. An era of communist 
revolution has opened and with it the destruction of all forms of property.  
Melvin P. 

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