[Marxism] An English view of the US election

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 12 12:49:49 MST 2004

US elections are, of course, of great interest and implication for
but, of course, are as impenetrable for us as our understanding of "New
Labour" !!!

As I understand it, the present political activities in the US are concerned
not with the ACTUAL election, but with who should be the candidate of the
Democratic Party.

When the ACTUAL election takes place all progressives in UK - and Europe as
a whole - look for the displacement of George W Bush - and WHOEVER takes his
place would be SOME improvement.... however small....

At present, however, the argument seems to be internal to the Democratic
Party - and WHO is chosen as their candidate is SURELY crucial.  KERRY seems
to be the worst of the candidates we have heard of -
is it not worth campaining for alternative Democratic Party candidates
before discussion of which candidate to vote for in the final presidential
election ("Green" or "Democratic") ?

This is just to say that it seems to me that so many on this list are
"jumping the gun" - or jumping a stage - when even the candidates of the
established parties are still in SOME sort of contention.

Of course we realise that when it come to the final election the effective
choice given to the voters is between two power-hungry bourgeois twisters
who are ALMOST equally obnoxious - just as when we have parliamentary
elections here in 2005{?) the choice will be put as between BLAIR and
HOWARD - but this does this stop us from trying to intervene to get BLAIR
out of leadership of the Labour Party which is still seen as the party of
the working class, despite its continual betrayals of the interests of the

Personally I feel I could not vote for New Labour under its present
leadership and I should have to think hard on election day - but THAT DAY
HAS NOT YET COME......  [I voted "Green" last time !!! for similar reasons,
just because I could not give support to the BLAIR clique]. But can it be
right to refuse entirely to see a difference between Labour and Conservative
in UK and between Democratic and Republican in the USA?  [Our two main
parties are equally as anti-working class as your two main parties - and the
third party the "Liberal Democrats" refuse to "rock the boat"]

Oppose KERRY as Democratic candidate.  But fight to end the Republican


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