[Marxism] "Name, rank, and serial number" and the British Guantanamo prisoners

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Fri Mar 12 20:27:47 MST 2004

Although I wasn't paying much attention, I grew up during the Korean War.
One thing that stuck in my mind from that period was the outrage that the
U.S. government expressed about the treatment of U.S. soldiers held as
prisoners of war by the North Koreans. We claimed that they were being
brain-washed and tortured. In opposition to this treatment, the U.S.
government aggressively argued the mantra of the Geneva Agreement on
treatment of prisoners of war, which said that prisoners of war were only
required to give their "name, rank, and serial number."

I believe that the Geneva standards are still international law, but no one
hears about it today.

Completely aside from the legitimacy of the attack on Afghanistan, the war
against that country is over. We must demand of Bush and and his Democratic
party opponent that these prisoners be freed. There is no such thing as a
"man without a country." The last time that legality was argued for the
seizure and transporting of people from foreign lands was the slave trade of
the 18th and 19th centuries.

Here is some of the testimony of two of the former Guantanamo prisoners on
their abuse and torture at Guantanamo. So far, the American media has been
slow to react, although NPR (National Public Radio) had a short segment on
the Mirror's (British tabloid) interview tonight (3/12/04) at around 7 p.m.
It was not picked up on the BBC news site, nor on the regular news.google
site. Since I already knew about it, I went down to the bottom of that site
and looked for it under U.K.


from Brian Shannon

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