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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
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I listened to a British expert on this just after the story broke, and he 
argued that ETA worked for the conservatives because they had made that 
their particular "cause".  They had attacked ETA as a force which 
threatened national unity  Presumably there are echoes here of the Spanish 
Civil war, as a means of rallying the right.

It is much more difficult to rally the right and the nation around 
Al-Qaida, because they have become a threat directly in relation to the 
subservience of the Spanish Govt to American interests.  So in terms of 
right wing thought, if Aznar had been more of a nationalist he would not 
have grovelled to Bush so much and thus made Al Qaida into a threat.

Much the same arguments apply in the case of Australia, I think.



At 01:13 PM 13/03/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Ed George wrote:
>>What is happening is that the Spanish state right need
>>people to believe that ETA did it up until tomorrow (the elections), and
>>that after that they won't give a damn.
>Ed, can you give us some background on why the Spanish state prefers to 
>focus on ETA rather than Al-Queda for the elections? Since Aznar threw in 
>with Bush on Iraq, i would have (naively) thought that Al-Queda would have 
>been the rallying point from the start.
>les schaffer
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