[Marxism] Eco Man Is Here to Save the Day!

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Sun Mar 14 01:52:31 MST 2004

Another article where a liberal debases themselves with puff about Kerry. 
Here, Echo Man talks Eco with the interviewer! The only thing that she 
brings up is that the Macho Eco Man is so naughty to use a batmobile (oops, 
sorry, that's Harley Davidson), whereupon, Eco Man says  'Sorry', he  didn't 
know that it was a 'vice'.    It's his one vice only, then.

Yes, 'Paul Bunyan', with jaw so strong!, we can't take an oxe to such an 
innocent 'vice', now can we?  You are 96% Echo perfect, for you even recycle 
  Al Gore rhetoric!  And what does Eco Man have to say about the battle in 
Kyoto with the evil Third World lizard, Godzilla?

What would you do as president about the Kyoto Protocol on global climate 
change? Would you submit it to the Senate?

No, not in its current form. It does have some flaws. It doesn't ask enough 
of developing nations, the nations that are going to be producing much 
greater emissions and which we need to get on the right course now through 
technology transfer. I would reopen the negotiating process, fix the flaws, 
and move forward.

But don't think that our kindhearted liberal, Amanda Griscom, was deterred 
by this attitude a tad reflective of 'vice' by Eco Man. No. She "moved 
forward" with the interview without so much as a whimper. Here, here! Who 
can we be to question Echo Man? He's our new hero, Kryptoonite Man, 96% Eco 
Kibitzing with Kerry
By Amanda Griscom, Grist Magazine and published on alternet.org
March 12, 2004

He has the jaw and build of Paul Bunyan; he windsurfs, kite-boards, and 
snowboards; and he's married to Teresa Heinz, one of the most powerful 
environmental philanthropists in the country. He has his finger on every 
hot-button environmental issue in D.C., from helping to lead the Senate 
campaign against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to pushing 
for improved fuel-efficiency standards to advocating for an aggressive 
renewable energy development plan. With the exception of that Harley 
Davidson Wide Glide he likes to parade at campaign events, Sen. John Kerry 
(D-Mass.) looks to be the ultimate embodiment of Beltway eco-chic.

But what goes on behind the glossy-green public image? What does this 
presidential candidate's environmental record really look like after his 
nearly 20 years in the U.S. Senate? Rifle through the archives of the League 
of Conservation Voters, and you'll find he gets an A+ – literally. Kerry has 
a 96-percent lifetime voting record. Despite concerns that Kerry is a 
limousine liberal, there seem to be few contradictions between his 
environmental image and his track record – a couple of peccadilloes aside. 
(Beyond his Harley, which he says he'll never relinquish, Kerry the 
renewables advocate is hesitant to support the Cape Wind project in his own 
state, likely influenced by his wealthy, beachfront-owning constituents who 
oppose the wind-energy farm.)

Late one recent night (at 11:00 p.m. EST, to be exact), Grist tracked Kerry 
down on the campaign trail – rather, in the campaign jet, flying from 
Colorado to Boston – to discuss his environmental record, President Bush's 
"New Environmentalism," and balancing his vision for a clean-energy future 
with his passion for his motorcycle.

John Kerry: Hi! It's John Kerry. I want to warn you that I'm in the air – 
50,000 feet above Colorado – so the signal may come in and out.

Great. Let's start with your reaction to Bush's environmental record.

Abysmal. Worst record in modern history.

Can you elaborate? What do you find most alarming?

All of it. It's so vast. When you add it all up, it's a stunning assault on 
environmental common sense. You begin with global warming, which is one of 
the most serious challenges...

More of this nonsense at... http://alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=18086

Tony Abdo

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