Re: [Marxism] Sur realité ?

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Sun Mar 14 12:20:53 MST 2004

On 13 Mar 04, at 14:25, Chris Brady wrote:

> Surrealité ! 
> "Mr. Latortue was selected by a United States-backed council of eminent
> Haitians appointed after Mr. Aristide's departure to help form a
> transitional government."
Latortue, according to Miami Herald, came back to Haiti in 1961 at the 
age of 27, after getting his bachelor & law degree in Paris;  fled Duvalier 
père in 1963; was foreign minister for Lelie Manigat, a "leftwing" renegade 
for 4 months in 1988 and then fled again after the military decided to 
overthrow Manigat.

He made his career as a high-level bureaucrat in the UN, and for the past 
few years has been a television personality in southern Florida. He is 
personal friends with Herard Abraham, the former army general, whi flew 
with him back to Haiti.

Totally A US tool


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