[Marxism] PRD: What Price Failure?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 13:37:46 MST 2004

Comrade, 'cause uh your metaphysical lapsodies and tangential slimes, I must 
warn you that advisories are up for head examinations today. 'Graduations as 
fine as you can swing' r currently pharmocologically available to deal with 
confabulated primes. Go to it, Dude!   Do not ve=getate longer, the price 
failure is what?

Yours behind Lazaro, andale...

PS- I feel that we are all overdosing on yoor masshed patatas. Nuf of the 
Groucho with crack!

And as an admirer of the PRD's rather
syncretic approach, I can only suggest that a slightly more informed
attitude on the part of
the US left (i.e., an understanding that left-wing politics in other
countries really still
does take place within the ambit of the SI, and that now as then this
permits of
gradations as fine as you can swing) actually might "knock out" some
"illusory agency"
on the part of activists currently unconcerned with the "fine structure"
of sociopolitical
and socioeconomic "interfaces".  Such that the real problems facing the
PRD are slightly
more visible in terms of their "tractability" -- and although this may
seem parochial,
I will say that here in Portland Metro we're having jokes in a paper about
"Green Parties"
and it's not quite.


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