[Marxism] Socialist Scholars Conference: Observations

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Mar 14 14:06:42 MST 2004

Chris Brady wrote:

>I had lived in New York for about 15 years before I even heard of the
>Socialist Scholars Conference.

There's one other thing I meant to point out. I am in fact tremendously 
respectful of left scholars. When I read a Michael Perelman, a James Blaut, 
a Jack Weatherford or a Robert G. Williams (brilliant studies of the role 
of coffee and cattle production in Central America politics and 
revolution), I want to tip my hat to them. Unfortunately, such scholarship 
is not often on evidence at the SSC. For example, Gérard Duménil's talk 
yesterday was reported to me as a rambling affair in which he kept stating, 
"This is very important" in reference to something that was not important 
at all. In years past, I have heard some very good panels at the SSC. 
Here's a report on one:


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