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http://www.swans.com/ March 15, 2004 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor:

Now that the Deaniacs have officially taken a Kerryian outlook of the 
world, Howard Dean can call for the multinational removal of Robert Mugabe 
of Zimbabwe on NBC's Meet The Press. Saddam Hussein's removal would have 
been okay too, had it been done through a multinational surgical action, 
and for "legitimate" reasons. In this light, Aristide's deposition from 
Haiti was kosher -- hey, weren't the French our allies this time around? 
Who's next? What about Hugo Chávez of Venezuela? He sure is a good 
candidate for multinational surgical excision. See, in spite of the 
country's fabulous oil wealth more than 70 percent of the population lives 
in poverty and the Chávez administration has directed the national oil 
company to increase its social spending from $40 million to $1.7 billion a 
year, thus transferring some of The Commons back to the commoners, away 
from the elite and the banks in Miami. Chávez's policies, a reversal of a 
long historical trend that has seen property rights and privatization 
become sacrosanct (see Milo Clark's article), are anathema in Western 
chancelleries. Ergo, Mr. Chávez, like Robert Mugabe or Fidel Castro, is 
branded a dictator, an enemy of freedom and democracy, a tyrant governing 
through corruption and violence. Unilateralists or multilateralists, same 
combat! Actually, Gerard Donnelly Smith provides a good example of what 
private enterprise can do for you; and both Manuel García and Phil 
Rockstroh look into the potential -- or probable -- consequences if the 
neo-liberal order continues unabated.

Injustice and exploitation are much on Eli Beckerman's mind, as well as an 
insatiable thirst for alternatives, as he ponders the significance of 
Martin Luther King's slaying some 36 years ago. Certainly, submits Scott 
Orlovsky, replacing our black and white world with liberty and fraternity, 
taking profits out of the equation, would serve the greater needs of The 
Commons. But, here again, so long as the neo-liberal order carries on 

Mr. Bush, instead of sending personalized pictures to Charter Members of 
his campaign (seriously, look at the picture and the letter in "Err, Mr. 
Bush, What Went Wrong?" -- they are hilarious!), and Mr. Kerry would be 
well-advised to listen to Frank Wycoff and the kind of messages he would 
like to hear from them or any other president. He has a few concrete ideas, 
for instance saving on the White House rental to help the homeless. Michael 
Stowell, who relates some of his latest experience with homelessness and 
observations on how to turn people inside out, would undoubtedly agree. But 
will the "Good Americans" do what's necessary to overcome the interrelated 
conditions that keep them down? For Philip Greenspan, a young 77 years old, 
an unrepentant optimist and unrelenting activist, nothing's impossible! 
It's incumbent upon all of us to prove him right. Take the time to visit 
the International ANSWER coalition regarding information about the March 20 
demonstrations around the U.S.

We end with another poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith and the repost of an 
excerpt of Diana Johnstone's Fools' Crusade.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes) 
know about Swans.


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http://www.swans.com/library/art10/ga172.html Err, Mr. Bush, What Went 
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Frank Wycoff

http://www.swans.com/library/art10/mws053.html Inside Out - by Michael W. 

http://www.swans.com/library/art10/pgreen37.html The Good Germans (Nazi 
Era) And The Good Americans (Today) by Philip Greenspan

http://www.swans.com/library/art10/dianaj01.html "Fools' Crusade" - Book 
Excerpt by Diana Johnstone

http://www.swans.com/library/art10/gsmith12.html Lies, Lies, Always Lies - 
Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith


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