[Marxism] Re: China and private property

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Mar 14 22:06:32 MST 2004

Most of the students I teach are Chinese, and it's quite interesting 
seeing what their views are.

They tell me that Social Democracy is now what China aims to be.

When I asked them all what their future plans are, most told me about 
what further study they want to do, but one mentioned what he wanted to 
do after study - become a successful businessman.

I asked them was this considered a good thing for people in China to 
strive to be and they told me yes, it was.

They told me that Mao is still held up as a hero, but the mixed economy 
is the way the country is moving forward.  They pretty much all seem to 
be enthusiasts for the market.

 From stuff I've said about Bush and Iraq, I get the impression they are 
also quite hostile to US foreign policy.  Also, they're all atheists, 
apart from one young woman who, she enthusiastically told me, has been 
converted to Christianity and was baptised last year.

Philip Ferguson

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