[Marxism] More question regarding socialist scholars

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Peter Camejo spoke at the panel, hosted by the Westside Greens, and gave
a rousing talk mainly about his and the Green Party's experience in
California electoral politics but also touching on Ralph Nader, the 2000
and 2004 presidential elections, and the importance of challenging the
Democratic Party generally. He got more spontaneous applause than all
the other speakers I heard the entire weekend put together, and deserved

Smith spoke about the Cuban Five at an excellent panel called "The
Emerging Police State," along with Michael Ratner of the Center for
Constitutional Rights, Lynne Stewart (the awyer being prosecuted by
Ashcroft for representing an accused terrorist mastermind, Dahlia Hashad
of the ACLU Campaign Against Racial Profiling, Tod Ensign of Citizen
Soldier, and a woman from Refuse and Resist standing in for Clark


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Camejo was to appear today at a panel. Did he show up? There was a
substitute for him yesterday at a Green Party debate in Connecticut.

Mike Smith, another former SWP member, was to appear at a panel on civil
liberties at 4 p.m.

Most important for me in evaluating this meeting for the future is
there were any young people there?

Brian Shannon

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