[Marxism] The Passion - Beat Down, of the Christ - a Review.

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"The Passion of the Christ" - A Review or how Mel Gibson showed how Fucked Up 
Jesus was done. 

Special to Marxmail
Willie B. Pencil
March 15, 2004

The good thing about writing something for the Marxmail people is that when 
you talk about religion, people do not really argue too much because no one 
gives a fuck one way or another. The no God believing people like stories that 
make sense and this makes sense. The Marxists, communists, socialist and 
assorted peoples who do not fit into a category wants to know the meaning of things. 
Mel Gibson has a deadly meaning. 

Now the "Passion of the Christ" is like watching the movie "Raging Bull" when 
Sugar Ray Robinson beat the shit out of the boxer character that Robert 
Dee-near -row is playing. The only difference is the boxing "rounds" last a week. 

Jesus wept is the understatement of all time according to director Mel 
Gibson. This is not a movie about "Lethal Religion," but rather "Lethal Beat Down."  
There are flashbacks in this movie but a flash back is a flash back - a way 
of showing some things that happened before you go in the situation you find 
yourself in. 

Imagine being in Manhattan on 123 St and Broadway (the New York Theological 
Seminary), carrying a cross that weigh between 90 and 125 lbs all the way to 
103 St or West End. Every step of the way someone is kicking your nature ass and 
beating you on the back with shit that cuts your flesh.  

Now to get a flavor of the movie you have to understand that before Jesus 
start carrying the Cross down Broadway, the Romans - not Jews, done flogs this 
mutherfucker for a good forty minutes and cuts and shit is all over his body. 
This includes his legs. They beat this mutherfucker everywhere except on the 
bottom of his feet. The Romans done damn near knocked the boy eye out - his right 
eye is damn near closed. 

Before any of this happens, JC and his crew - disciples, or the boyz in the 
hood, is in the forest when the Romans ride down on them. Now Judas kisses JC 
to point him out to the Romans and everybody in the crew start looking at Judas 
with a look on their faces that say, "You rat ass mutherfuckin snitch bitch 
ass no good sonavabitch." 

"That is the same shit a mutherfucker did to Leonard Pielter. You Indian 
hating punk."

Needless to say the fisticuffs breaks out immediately, like it did with 
Leonard P. The JC crew starts running from the Romans and Peter hollers out, "Fuck 
this shit I ain't going out like a sucker. No personal reflection of you 
Savior, but I ain't never really gave a fuck about a Roman anyway." 

Peter commence to stabbing mutherfuckers with that "fuck it" look on his 
face. Then Mel Gibson show Peter cutting a mutherfucker ear off. 

I said to myself "this just might turn out to be a hellava movie." 

JC see the ear hit the ground and look at Peter and says, "He who lives by 
the sword shall die by the sword," but Peter is still ready to fight because he 
does not have a sword but a really sharp long knife. Peter is thinking, "Why 
couldn't I be born later in time when a mutherfuckers could have a good 
switchblade and a gun." 

Peter has a really sad look in his eyes that made me feel he was thinking, "I 
ain't the one with the fucking sword Savior. Before I joined you Savior, I 
was on my way to the bookstore to get a copy of the Communist Manifesto because 
the Romans done created the first proletariat and I figured I might as well 
get ready for that great day of reckoning."  

Jesus put the peoples ear back on their head and I kind of did not like that 
part of the movies because no surgery was involved and it happened to quick. 
Don't get me wrong because I believe in the Bible but when Jesus says one must 
eat his flesh he does not means cut out a chunk of this thigh and make a 
sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes - a little mayo for the white peoples and 
mustard and hot sauce for the blacks. The Mexicans want mayo and real hot sauce on 
their sandwiches. 

Some things be a symbol of a symbol . . . and . . . wait a minute. 

Some things are symbolic for something you supposed to do and the symbol gets 
fucked up when you do not know what it really means and you end up with a 
symbol of the symbol that may not exactly be a symbol for the symbol being 
expressed. See . . . Jesus is not saying be a cannibal or Hannibal the cannibal. 

What he is really saying is . . .

OK, I do not know what he is really saying but it is important as a symbol of 
something. I just know what he ain't saying because no one says "cut off my 
leg and make a BLT like sandwich with it." 

After Jesus is captures and Peter is punked out, Judas hangs himself because 
he took the thirty pieces of silver to sell out Leonard Palter or rather 
Jesus. It seemed to me that thirty pieces of silver was a lot of money two thousand 
years ago and Judas tried to give the money back. 

I'm like "mutherfucker pleassssssese." 

"You just mad because you can only spend your silver with the Romans and the 
good crap games do not exchange Roman silver. You should have thought about 
that shit before you snitched on Leonard or rather JC and his crew. 

Now Jesus is going to jail and from he there is nothing but bleeding and 
getting beat the fuck down for rest of the movie. With this movie Mel Gibson 
becomes a legend because he has directed and filmed the greatest "beat down epic" 
of an individual in human history. 

Now I have seen men get pistol whipped and stomped in the mouth, cut, sliced 
and diced. I have shot back and stomped a few mutherfuckers who would not pay 
their number bills, pistol whipped a few women for spilling drinks on my suit. 
But I ain't never seen a mutherfucker talk an ass whipping like this. 

I got so upset I screamed out "Jesus fucking Christ. Goddamn Mel Gibson is 

This is not a movie for kids or to be watched on Sunday because you are going 
to want to get a drink after seeing this shit. Mel Gibson the baddest Jesus 
Christ movie director on earth. This is the ultimate boxing movie ever filmed. 
One man against the world and he of course loses . . . real bad. 

In one seen/scene Jesus is horribly fucked up because they damn near beat the 
man to death before the death march with that heavy cross on his back. Mel 
Gibson show the meaning of carrying the cross and damn near made me throw away 
all of my Bibles. 

Mel Gibson is fucked up real bad because he wants you to understand suffering 
from his cinematic point of view and he is good at presenting this. In one 
seen Jesus is fucked up and got that thorny crown on his head made of metal that 
sticks and pricks the skin and have you bleeding from the head. He is walking 
to the place of crucifixion and a no good sonavabitch trips him. 

I swear to God this is in the movie. 

A mutherfucker sticks out his leg and trips Jesus. In somewhat slow motion 
you see Jesus falling tying to catch himself - his right eye almost knocked out 
of the socket and cuts everywhere, and then the fucking cross falls on top of 
him fucking him up even more. 

I jumped the fuck out of my seat. 

"OOoohhhhh Weeeeeee." 

"That Mel Gibson a bad mutherfucker."

I would have spent twelve dollars to see this shit instead of getting my 
movie from the bootleg man. 

Now you got to remember that the chains and shackles on Jesus he has been 
wearing since the Romans captured him in the forest and before the Jews in the 
movie start screaming "string this lying mutherfucker up." 

The chains play a role in weakening his body because glorified flesh is still 
flesh.  The chains is not made out of plastic because plastic was not 
invented back then, so the chains are heavy. Jesus get beat up so bad that grown men 
was wiggling in their seats and the women were praying in the movie and the 
kids start crying. 

I say to the people in the show that "this is only a fucking movie; Jesus got 
fucked up worse than that." Now the women who see this movie are going to be 
fucked up and the kids traumatized and the men wanting the football season to 
hurry up and get here. 

My brothers wife start crying in the show and I say, "what the fuck you 
crying about?" 

"What about Jesus momma and wife that is looking at all of this shit?" 

Yea Jesus had a wife and kids. Mary Magdalene is in the movie and that was 
Jesus woman. Jesus ain't never said "do not get pussy."  He said, "Let he who 
has not sinned cast the first stone." 

I'll take her . . . she's a good women. 

For the record, the scenes where Jesus is tripped and fall with blood 
everywhere and the cross fall on his ass is classic Mel Gibson and prove his merit as 
a director. Now the Jews and black people get real uncomfortable about this 
great "Beat Down" movie. The white people be saying, "He should have not fucked 
with them peoples money in the Temple." 

1. Black peoples listen. The man who play Jesus is white but he acted his ass 
off, plus he got struck by lightening a couple of times playing Jesus. I am 
scared to mention his name not because I think I will be struck by lightening, 
but why take needless chances? This guy deserves an Oscar and a new category 
of acting - "the Beat Down category." We already know Jesus was not white 
peoples. But Mel Gibson is white and he wanted a white Jesus to keep his women and 
family together. 

Also we already know that Mel Gibson is a white chauvinist rat with money to 
talk about why he is against abortions and got all them kids on somebody else 
land. This is a movie critique and not a Mel Gibson critique. 

2. Jews or Israelis or what ever you call yourselves. The Roman people of the 
Roman state beat the crap out of Jesus but many of you were cheerleaders in 
history. Some of y'all more than cheerleaders with Leonard Pielter or rather 
that Palestine person. Next you will ask, "How you know God don't want us to 
bomb and kill everyone." 

I say this movie deserves two thumps up in the Christian world. 

It is the greatest "beat down" movie every filmed. 

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