[Marxism] Spanish spectre

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Mon Mar 15 08:32:37 MST 2004

The Socialist Party victory in Spain has sent political shock waves around
the world, changed the European power balance, and is ominous news for
George Bush, according to an analysis in today’s Asia Times.

The election has drawn Spain closer to France and Germany, further isolating
Tony Blair in Europe and threatening his continued leadership of the Labour

The election outcome is being attributed to an unusually high turnout by
Spanish youth opposed to the Iraq war, and the unprecedented mobilization of
the Socialist Party ranks angered by the election-eve efforts of the Aznar
government to use the Madrid bombing to partisan advantage.

A large turnout of Democratic Party and independent American voters angry at
having been lied to about Iraq haunts the Bush administration, and the
Spanish result will do little to allay its foreboding.

The underestimated electoral power of the antiwar movement may, as J. Sean
Curtin notes, also make the Japanese government more vulnerable, and he
could have added Italy, Poland, and Australia to the list.

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