[Marxism] Re: Elections in the Spanish State: First Impressions

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MG> In your opinion, will the new PSOE government actually withdraw the
MG> troops on June 30th, or is it acting on the assumption that nominal
MG> command of the US and other occupation forces will be transferred
MG> from the US to the UN,

  The question wasn't directed to me, but in a public forum, I may  
take the liberty to voice my opinion on it...

  Zapatero, the designated prime mimister, did not say that the troops  
would be withdrawn right away, which would be the only sensible  
action, but talked about end of June, or, according to a news item on  
the radio, no deadline at all. And he would leave the troops if the  
command would be transferred to the UN.

  So he left himself ample room to maneuver.

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