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by Derrick O'Keefe

This Saturday, March 20, millions around the globe will take to the 
streets on the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the U.S.-led 
invasion of Iraq. The catch phrase for the international mobilisation is 
simple but effective: The world still says no to war. And even though 
the largest protests in history proved incapable of preventing the war, 
it's still important for people to demonstrate this March 20, one year 
after that shocking and awful display of disregard for world public 
opinion that was the launching of the war in Iraq.

In Vancouver, the rally has a little star power to help persuade the 
ambivalent, as the legendary American dissident Noam Chomsky will 
provide the keynote, preceded by the energiser bunnies of punk rock, 
D.O.A. Local rock star Matthew Good, now without the band, will be 
joining the rally. But, alas, for CFOX listeners at least, he is not 
slated to perform. So, although some may be coming to bask in the wisdom 
of Chomsky — a phenomenon that likely makes the 75-year old MIT prof a 
little queasy — there are ample reasons, important political reasons, to 
get out and demonstrate this Saturday.

For starters, the anti-war movement was right. No weapons of mass 
destruction (WMD) have been found, no matter how many million times CNN 
anchors have uttered the four-word bogeyman. U.S. officials are now 
sheepishly admitting that the proverbial smoking gun may never be 
located. “We were all wrong” is how U.S. chief weapons hunter David Kay 
put it, though Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and their semi-literate front man, 
George W., seamlessly moved on to new justifications. Their favourite 
new pretext, or post text, is that they have magnanimously liberated 
Iraq in order to bring “democracy.” Never mind that the United States 
has emerged as the main opponent of direct elections, and that it is 
difficult to have genuine democracy when your country has been sold off 
fire-sale-style to an occupying power.

Full: www.sevenoaksmag.com/commentary/04_stop_the_war.html



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