[Marxism] RE: The Misuse of the Term "Sectarianism" in the Irish Struggle

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Mon Mar 15 19:40:57 MST 2004

At 09:53 AM 3/15/2004, Calvin Broadbent wrote:
 >I read an article by SWP member Eamonn McCann lately,
 >where he was referring to the INLA as 'guttersnipes
 >with guns'

The IRSP's response to McCann can be found here: 

 >I have also noticed that the IRSP has been totally
 >excluded from the SEA coalition or athe broader
 >Convention of the Left

The IRSP wasn't excluded from the convention.  In fact, about 20% of the 
attendees were IRSP members.  However, problems did arise at the convention 
between members of the SEA and the IRSP, which was detailed in issues 27-29 
of The Plough, which can be accessed here: http://www.irsm.org/irsp/plough/

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