[Marxism] private property now protected by the Chinese constitution

Tim Kennelly tim_gmk at yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 15 23:17:03 MST 2004

  In response to Stan Smith's message I will pose the
following question for discussion:

Does Socialism/Communism need to abolish all private
property, or just capitalist private property? 

 --- stansmith44 <stansmith44 at ameritech.net> wrote: > 
   The email referring to this subject today was
> not clear. There is nothing non-socialist about
> private property per se. I remember Fidel Castro
> gave a speech to a Cuban small farmers congress in
> which he said the Cuban Revolution has created more
> private property holders in the 40 years of their
> revolution than in the previous 300 years of
> capitalism in Cuba. Expropriating the big
> agricultural landlords and turning the lands over to
> those who farm it is a revolutionary step forward.
> Likewise, a much higher percent of Cubans own their
> own homes than is the case in the United States.
> Also a revolutionary step forward, as those
> landlords have been expropriated also, and hundreds
> of thousands of new homes have been built for the
> Cuban people, which they now own outright.
>     Capitalist private property is a different
> question. You mean the rights of capitalists have
> been guaranteed in the Chinese constitution. That is
> not the case in Cuba.
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