[Marxism] private property now protected by the Chineseconstitution

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Mar 16 05:12:51 MST 2004

Tim Kennelly wrote, "I must disagree.  China is now communist in name
only. It is actively engaging in a capitalist counterrevolution, and
marxists should denounce it as a fraud."

...which isn't really that different than what you say you're
disagreeing with, "...that many of those with power in China aren't
making any fine distinctions.  They seem to have in mind what's gone on
in the former USSR more than creating some hybridized system."  

I have no confidence in the Communist Party not to be snowed under by
its own collaborationist instincts.  Further, given its history, an
internal faction interested in resisting the counterrevolution is in the
wrong place to be able to stop it.  Certainly, even as the US ruling
class continues to froth at the residue of "the evil empire," it has
remained remarkably friendly to China...in itself an indication of the
extent to which the Chinese leadership were not willing to dance to the
tune of world capitalism.


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