[Marxism] Spain and Iraq

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 16 09:43:04 MST 2004

The incoming Spanish government was elected on the 
strength of mass anti-war sentiment as well as mass 
revulsion against the Aznar regime's effort to pin 
responsibility for the terror bombings on the Basque 
separatist ETA. Pressure on the newly-elected Spanish 
government to carry out its pledge should therefore 
be extremely strong. Let's hope anti-war activists 
there keep the pressure up as strongly as possible.

Long-suffering Spain has, of course, just as Haiti 
in the present, its own history of a democratically-
elected government overthrown by armed reactionary
gangsters in its 1936-1939 Civil War. Spain's people 
have been learning and re-learning the importance of
how important it is for government to carry out the
democratic will of the majority. It wasn't respected
in the case off the Iraq war, and Aznar was caught
out trying to manipulate the criminal attacks on 
Madrid last week for his narrow political ends. 

Even though I've never been to Spain, I've read and
seen enough to know that there's a deep reservoir of
sentiment in favor of a democratic political culture.
Let's hope that this sentiment continues to find the
kind of strong voice which was expressed in Sunday's
electoral rout of the Bush-backing Aznar regime.

And just as the Spanish government, which had been
democratically-elected was overthrown by reactionary, 
anti-Communist hoodlums armed by foreign capitalist 
powers (Germany and Italy), so the Haitian government 
of Jean-Bertrand Aristide was also overthrown by 
rightist thugs armed by a hostile foreign capitalist 
power (Washington). 

On the world arena, very few voices spoke up and out
in defense of Haiti's democratically-elected Aristide.
Not surprisingly Cuba spoke out strongly for Haiti's
democratically-elected government, at the UN recently:

Washington and some on the international left continue
to blame Aristide for his own overthrow, as if it was 
Aristide's fault, not Washington's. This reminds me of
how Malcolm describee the role of the media making the 
victim look like he's the criminal, here in Haiti:

It isn't easy building an empire in this day and age, 
and that's something we can be deeply grateful for...


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